Paul was great with my two boys bottom fishing

Very fun Captain who kept the mood light and we caught forty fish in four hours. Great website with pricing clarity and build your own day simplicity.

Chris M. Survey 12/17/2018

Simply amazing !

Paul was a great captain. We enjoyed spending the day on the water with him. Catching fish and stopping at the private island.

How can we improve our services ? No need for improvement
How do you rate the service received by our Crew ? Very friendly and fun

Jim S. Survey 12/10/2018

I believe we got a unique experience with Captain Paul

He was very knowledgeable and gave us extra time

How would you rate the Boat comfort ? Excellent
Overall, how would you rate Caiscos Water Fun ? Excellent

Jack Klecha Survey 07/19/2018

Safest Water Tour and Fun

Paul was very kind, thought out all the comforts ahead of time up to and including my unsteadiness. He was patient, and made everything easy. I was able to enjoy myself and feel safe on his boat. Really wish he could come on every vacation with us! We had a great time and if we return to Provo, Turks we will look him up again!

Kathys1220 Trip-Advisor 07/05/2018

You will not find a better excursion

Paul was absolutely amazing. He made sure everyone in our family had a great time.I highly recommend this company

How would you rate the Boat comfort ? He made sure our family was comfortable at all times
Overall, how would you rate Caiscos Water Fun ? Excellent [A1] – amazing service. Best part of our vacation

Steven R. Survey 07/03/2018

We ran out of Superlatives

From the first email communication with Dany everything was amazing. All our questions were answered quickly and with the answer we wanted to hear. On the day of our charter Paul arrived at our resort to pick up our party of 3 and off we went. Less than an hour into our charter, Dolphins! A pod of approximately 20 dolphins spent 15 – 20 minutes playing around our boat. Without a doubt,this was what we were really hoping for. Later on in the day we managed to catch some fish. Dinner for the next few nights was excellent. As we headed into Pine Cay to hit the beach, have lunch and snorkel a little we came across JoJo, the official mascot of the Turks and Caicos! JoJo played around the boat for 20 minutes to half an hour. What a great day. But there was more to come. After lunch Paul took us to Coral Gardens and anchored for some snorkeling. The coral at Coral Gardens is beautiful and there are many varieties of fish. Plus the visibility was better there than anywhere else we snorkeled. After we finished snorkeling Paul took us over to the other side of Providenciales to see Prince’s home. Obviously this was a very nice place. Paul and Dany went out of their way to make our charter memorable in every way and they far exceeded our hopes and expectations. We can not thank or recommend them enough.

Spanish B Trip-Advisor 06/27/2018

Amazing excursion! Favorite part of our trip

You will not find a better excursion. Paul was absolutely amazing. He made sure everyone in our family had a great time. He took us fishing, snorkeling and swimming at a private island. This was by far the best part of our trip. I highly recommend this company. we have done fishing trips all over the county and this was our favorite.. you will not find a nicer captain than Paul

MrsRose223 Trip-Advisor 06/22/2018

Fun time with amazing people !

Seriously you haven’t been to Turks and Caicos if you haven’t met Paul!!! He is simply the greatest person to have around if you want to have a real taste of what TCI has to offer. Awesome experience. After all visiting the islands without having a taste of what the ocean has to offer isn’t visiting TCI!!! Thank you for everything, it was the highlight of my trip 🙂 A very special thanks to Paul and Dany for their devotion. Best company to day trip with, make sure you don’t miss it!!!

abernier1986 Trip-Advisor 06/06/2018

Our captain knew the island like we never expected

The only thing better than seeing this island from the beach, is seeing it from the water. Pirate ruins, shallow reefs with fish of all colors, fancy homes, ship wrecks along with the history.

How would you rate the Boat comfort ? Excellent [A1]
How can we improve our services ? Can’t think of anything, it exceeded our expectations! Thanks again!

Jeff F. Survey 04/22/2018


You will feel at ease with Capt. Paul the minute you meet him! He is a great ambassador for everything TCI and is determined to meet your needs. He asked us what we wanted to do and he made it happen. We wanted to dive for Conch and Sand dollars and we came back with both. He attended to our every need and then some! He not only cleaned the conch but educated us about them and much more! We will be back next year and he will be on our short list of things to do!!

jflemin4 Trip-Advisor 04/22/2018

Must do adventure

The only thing better than seeing this island from the beach, is seeing it from the water. Our captain was Paul, a local that is part of the local marine law enforcement organization and knew the island like we never expected. Pirate ruins, shallow reefs with fish of all colors, fancy homes, ship wrecks along with the history. Our trip included snorkeling, beverages and was the highlight of our trip. Ask him about local restaurants and you will get a list longer than you will be able to visit on three trips. Thank you Capt Paul.

carreracab Trip-Advisor 04/20/2018


Paul was amazing and made sure we went to the best snorkel spot — even mixed our drinks for us so we wouldn’t have to slide to the back!! He drove around to the least rocky area for us to fish to (to avoid getting seasick). SO accommodating and great!

How do you rate the service received by our Crew ? So friendly, informative (answered questions I didn’t know I had!!), and laidback. He let us do snorkeling AND fishing and advised us so well on fishing techniques, knew the name of every fish we had seen… So incredibly knowledgeable and delivered the knowledge in a fun way!!
How can we improve our services ? N/A — PERFECT TRIP!

Hannah A. Survey 04/19/2018


Paul was SO friendly and welcoming! He truly just wanted us to have the best time, and his love for the island, fishing, wildlife, etc. was apparent & contagious. This was the best thing we did on our trip. Paul took pictures of us, let us BYOB (would even mix us drinks!), could name EVERY fish we saw snorkeling (he had snorkeling gear ready in case we wanted to snorkel for a bit on the way to the fishing site!). He was patient, knowledgeable and friendly! He took us a couple of places before determining the best snorkeling site (so we could have a private experience), then took us to the best bottom fishing site where we would be less likely to get seasick.
He even dropped us off at our resort in Grace Bay!!
It was an unforgettable experience. I would not use any other company!!!

Hannah A. Trip-Advisor 04/18/2018

Wow wow wow

Caicos Water Fun was simply amazing. It was a mix between a boat guided tour, scuba diving and fishing trip. The 26′ foot boat is well equipped with electronics, safety devices, fishing gears, ect. The captain is well trained and very safe. We had a nice smooth ride before the captain chooses a safe spot do dive. We stopped on an island for a shore lunch, relax and play. On our way back, captain dropped the anchor at the right spot for fishing. We caught our supper in less than and hour. Talk about fresh fish. I highly recommend Caicos Water Fun
Mario March 2018

Mollydou Trip-Advisor 04/12/2018

Great times!

The captain really made the trip. His knowledge of the island and water kept us intrigued. I think I’ll remember more about the overall experience than catching over 50 fish that day.

How do you rate the service received by our Captain ? Great conversation. Genuine and stellar. His first mate was as very quiet but nice.
How likely are you to recommend Caicos Water Fun to a friend ? Extremely likely

Joe L. Survey 12/20/2017