Awesome Snorkeling/Sightseeing Tour


We liked the fact that Tony introduced himself and his co-mate at the beginning of the boat tour. Tony gave us instructions/itinerary for the day and went over what we ordered (lunch menu). They took us to 2 snorkeling spots, Iguana Island and Le Famille Express Shipwreck (just in time to see 5 young girls and the tour guide jump off this landmark). They listened to my husband’s requests regarding snorkeling in calmer waters. We would have liked to spend more time at the 2nd snorkel spot (he snorkels, I can’t), but we misunderstood the tour guide and thought he wanted us to go back to the boat because of time. The last hour was spent cruising in the boat up Grace bay down towards Leeward side (iridescent turquoise waters). Overall, a great experience and would do it again.